Occupational Health

GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services is committed to ensuring; in all spheres of its activities, it will conduct itself in a way which is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.

GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services will commit to a Safety, Health and Environmental Management Programme by the implementation of the best operating practices and standards at all its facilities and operations, thereby ensuring:-

  • Compliance with Safety, Health, and Environmental legislative requirements.
  • Close working relationships with Government agencies, business partners, and other concerned organisations to promote Safety, Health and Environmental best practices.
  • The programme is effective and appropriately designed.

GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services will conform to aspects as required by sound corporate governance on risk control and management relating to Safety, Health, and Environmental issues by:-

  • Identifying the business risks and how these risks can be managed.
  • Ensuring the necessary action is timorously taken to rectify any significant failings or weaknesses.

GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services will measure, review and report on the following indicators:-

  • Accident / Incident performances.
  • Training achievements.
  • Achievement of annual Safety, Health, and Environmental objectives.
  • Internal / external audits

GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services considers the Safety, Health and Environmental Management Programme to be of utmost importance and is totally committed to a continuous improvement philosophy.This Safety, Health, and Environmental Policy Statement will apply to all facilities and operations of GaucheAir Air-conditioning Services and its subsidiaries.